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 Available NOW - ready to go !!!! Karol Signature Std in EI rosewood with a cedar top, non cut, non armrest - sounds HUGE. Karol 000 Multiscale in flamed Honduran mahogany and 50 year old sitka, florentine cut and armrest - sweet sounding and so comfy to play. Karol Signature in figured Honduran Mahogany  and Euro spruce, Florentine cut w/armrest, bound in Coco, K7K installed. 6 sub Harp Guitar in figured Sapele and Sitka, cutaway, armrest, K&K PUP system, Road case and gig bag, Cdn and Euro tour and on YouTube with Calum Graham - available !!!

On the Bench- Signature Florentine cut w/armrest in Presentation grade Cocobolo and Sinker Redwood, Solo Multiscale non-cut w/armrest in Malaysian Blackwood and Bearclaw German Spruce, Figured Mango and Sitka Solo baritone non cut w/armrest, Brazilian RW and Flamed Redwood resonator, 00 size, Florentine cut and armrest.  Karol 00 12 fret slothead in Presentation grade Cocobolo and Sinker Redwood, Venetian cut, armrest. 

Wood Bin - New EI rosewood sets (4), AAA grade Italian spruce tops, Killer flamed maple b&s set, High figure Mango b&s set, Archtop (cello) guitar set  - Euro flamed maple, tight deep flame - from 1996 !!! BRW boards from 1983 - lots of fingerboards, headplates and bindings to be had - plus more killer Cocobolo with sapwood (4 sets), AA flame Bastogne walnut (2 sets) , Highly flamed Honduran Mahogany, Flamed Imbuia, flamed Monkey Pod, one of each

Updated May 6, 2019.


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