Guitar Building - accepting Students for January 2025  

Learn to make YOUR own guitar ? I can teach you how !!! And not from a kit, or premade parts ...

Since 2003, I have been guiding students through the process of designing and building their own guitars in my Mississauga shop. The ideas and designs produced by my students has been extremely varied, everything from double neck electrics, 5 string basses, 7 and 8 string guitars, all the way to a 6 sub harp guitar !!!

Make your dream of building your own guitar a reality.

As a student you will receive hands on, one to one tutoring to build an electric or acoustic guitar of your own design. Learn the aspects of guitar making - wood bending, bracing design, neck carving, inlaying, fretwork, finishing, and setup. With over 25 years of expertise and a complete shop of jigs and specialized tools at your disposal, you will learn all the skills needed to build a performance grade instrument. Having built over 135 custom guitars personally, and with over 100 student builds, you will benefit from my experience and learn to create an instrument of your own design that will be a pleasure to play and behold for years to come.

Building classes are held on weeknights, one night per student per week, for approx. 3 hours. Expect to take 10-12 months to complete your instrument at this pace. There is no set time limit for your guitar to be completed. If this type of schedule meets your lifestyle, then please contact me to get signed up and to start building the guitar of your dreams !!!

The shop is located in Mississauga Ontario Canada (in the greater Toronto area) right near the area's major highways for ease of access. Please call me and set up a visit !!!


Would you like to Build a Guitar ???

You can do it - I can teach you how !!!  With over one hundred student builds and counting, and amazing guitars like the ones in these pictures, spots go fast - reserve TODAY.